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IREC’s National Shared Renewables Scorecard evaluates state shared renewables programs using objective criteria based on best practices for program design. It provides a valuable tool for policymakers, regulators and other stakeholders to compare active state programs and determine program strengths, weaknesses and opportunities.

To determine program grades, IREC assigned point values to key program components in five main categories:

  1. General program details
  2. Customers and subscriptions
  3. Generation systems
  4. Bill credits
  5. Renewable energy credits

Report Cards for Scored State Programs 

The 2019 Scorecard assesses 20 programs in 17 states, and features grades for three newly launched programs in Illinois, New Jersey and Oregon. 

The report cards provide greater insight on program details relative to the most substantial program design criteria, identifying program strengths and opportunities for improvement. The report cards provide state policymakers and other stakeholders greater insight on specific program design elements that could be modified or added to align with best practices and increase the effectiveness of those programs. 

Score Your Own Program

Stakeholders can evaluate their own programs using IREC’s Score Your Program tool. The scoring tool takes users through a series of questions that reflect the same criteria IREC used to grade active state programs for the National Shared Renewables Scorecard. The questions can be applied to either an existing program or one that has yet to be implemented.

Once responses are submitted, users will receive a grade for their program. The tool provides a resource that can assist in working through critical components in the design and implementation of a robust shared renewables program.



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