October 12, 2022

Decision Options Matrix for IEEE 1547™-2018 Adoption

IEEE 1547-2018 is a technical standard that establishes how distributed energy resources (DERs)—like solar and energy storage—can connect to the grid. In particular, it establishes interconnection requirements for smart inverters, whose advanced “grid support” functions can help the grid accommodate higher levels of renewable energy. This checklist can help regulators, utility staff, and other DER stakeholders navigate the key decisions they need to make in order to align interconnection rules with IEEE 1547-2018.

IREC’s Decision Options Matrix is intended to be a resource for Public Utilities Commissions, utility personnel, and other distributed energy resource (DER) stakeholders interested in adopting and implementing IEEE 1547-2018 in their jurisdictions. The matrix includes a list of Decision Options (DOs) that stakeholders should consider before implementing the updated standard. The DOs provide step-by-step guidance on incorporating the updated standard into interconnection rules and procedures. The matrix translates technical content within the standard, as well as related issues, into easily digestible decisions that impact DER interconnection reviews and operations (e.g., timeline, voltage regulation, interoperability). The matrix includes over fifty distinct decisions, organized into three IEEE 1547-2018 adoption categories, namely:

  1. Near-term items (actions needed as first steps in the adoption process),
  2. Mid-term items (actions that should, for the most part, be taken before the implementation date), and
  3. Long-term items (actions that may be taken after the implementation date, may require a formal roadmap, or may require ongoing reevaluations).

It may take more than six months for a working group to select the near-term DOs, including education, discussion, and formalization of consensus. Further time will then be needed for the Commission to take related actions. This matrix can be used to help guide the schedule of working groups and select a feasible implementation date. Its use should help streamline the adoption of IEEE 1547-2018 and provide a means to transparently communicate key decision points. Users can download the matrix and use the DO items to communicate and keep track of key decisions. Users may also tailor the matrix and its DOs to their respective jurisdiction and preferences (e.g., color code individual DOs based on whether such decision falls within interconnection rules and procedures versus a utility interconnection handbook/manual). IREC’s publication Making the Grid Smarter: Primer on Adopting the New IEEE 1547™-2018 Standard for Distributed Energy Resources (“MTGS”)[1] dives deeper on many of these topics; references to relevant sections of the paper are given in brackets. Other references are mentioned as needed. Notably, The Toolkit and Guidance for the Interconnection of Energy Storage and Solar-Plus-Storage (“BATRIES Toolkit”)[2] offers potential solutions for several DOs.

If there is only a single decision to be made for a particular topic, then one of the numbered options should be selected. When there are multiple decisions, these are indicated by letters (i.e., 1a, 1b, 1c) and one numbered option should be selected for each letter. The Matrix may be updated from time to time as more states adopt the standard and experience is gained.

[1] https://irecusa.org/resources/making-the-grid-smarter-primer-on-adopting-the-new-ieee-standard-1547-2018/

[2] https://energystorageinterconnection.org/