May 1, 2024

IEEE 1547™-2018 Adoption Tracker

The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers 1547™-2018 Standard (IEEE 1547-2018) is a technical standard that establishes how distributed energy resources (DERs)—like solar and energy storage—can connect to the grid. In particular, it establishes interconnection requirements for smart inverters, which have advanced “grid support” functions that can help the grid accommodate higher levels of renewable energy. IREC’s IEEE 1547-2018 Adoption Tracker provides regulators, utility staff, and other DER stakeholders with visibility into which jurisdictions have adopted the IEEE 1547-2018 standard.

IREC’s IEEE 1547™-2018 Adoption Tracker is intended to be a resource for Public Utilities Commissions, utility personnel, and other DER stakeholders interested in reviewing the standard’s adoption status across states and regional transmission organizations in the U.S. and Canada. 

Presented in map form, the Adoption Tracker indicates whether a particular entity has selected an adoption date by which certified inverters (in compliance with UL 1741 SB) are required in new interconnection applications. It compiles references from decision-making entities related to their efforts to adopt the IEEE 1547-2018 standard. The tracker also includes inverter performance criteria, if selected and made public by a particular region or state entity.

To learn more about the standard or the selection criteria, please review IREC’s Making the Grid Smarter report and Decision Options Matrix for IEEE 1547-2018 Adoption

How to Use the Maps

Each territory in the map is color coded to reflect the status of 1547-2018 adoption efforts of the state regulatory commission (State), electric distribution companies (EDCs), and independent service operators or regional transmission operators (ISO/RTO) levels. Following each map is a detailed legend that describes the color coded labels (please note that these definitions change slightly based on the entity). Click on a state or dot to unveil an information window providing details on the IEEE 1547-2018 adoption efforts of the state regulatory agency, electric utility, or transmission operator. Scroll within the window to view all information related to the region’s adoption status and performance category selections. 

Please note that some states are currently lacking utility information on the Utility Adoption Map because IREC is still gathering data on Investor-Owned Utilities (IOUs) in those states. Please check back soon for updates to those regions.

State & Utility Adoption Map

ISO/RTO Adoption Map

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IREC will seek to update the entire tracker on a quarterly basis, but will also remedy inaccuracies identified by stakeholders as soon as we are made aware of them. If you have any questions, concerns, status corrections, or suggestions for improvement, please contact our team at [email protected].