March 13, 2017

IREC Impact@35 Report and Timeline

For 35 years, IREC has brought together multiple clean energy stakeholders, often with differing goals, to reach consensus and produce results.

This report, released at IREC’s 35th anniversary on March 8th in Washington, D.C., highlights eight noteworthy results of IREC’s decades-long work in regulatory reform, workforce development, and consumer protection that have made clean energy safer, more accessible, and affordable for us all. The report also features The House That IREC Built, an essay from former president/CEO Jane Weissman, on how IREC’s culture of responding to changing markets and political circumstances has yielded an impressive list of clean energy impacts and outcomes over its 35-year history. 

Our companion Timeline of IREC’s 35 Years provides a rundown of IREC’s accomplishments over its 35-year history.