November 11, 2009

Model Net Metering Rules

IREC first developed its model rules in 2003 in an effort to capture best practices in state net metering policies.

Since that time, there has been significant market growth for renewable distributed generation systems, in particular solar photovoltaics. To facilitate this growth, many states have either adopted net metering policies that capture some of the best practices that were identified in the IREC model rules or adopted rules that advance the policies contained in IREC’s model. In addition, many of the states that were first adopters of net metering policies have since revisited and updated their policies. While many of the basic issues essential to a successful net metering policy have not changed since 2003, substantial developments in state net metering policies and the marketplace have. IREC’s updated model rules incorporate lessons learned, along with development and dissemination of best practices. IREC’s model rules also include footnotes of various state approaches.