In the summer of 2019, we worked with our partners to complete a 263 kW solar installation on the rooftop of the Atlantic Medical Center in Barceloneta, Puerto Rico, including 144 kWh in battery storage. As the main health clinic for this municipality on the northern coast of the island, the clinic now serves over 14,000 unique patients per year. During Hurricane Maria, the hospital lost power for 33 days and relied on a diesel generator to operate. The aftermath of the hurricane has prompted the clinic to pursue additional measures to increase the facility’s resilience.

The new solar and battery system has ensured the clinic will continue to provide essential health services when the power grid goes down. On top of that, it’s saving the clinic an average of $4,500 per month in energy costs. “We needed to ensure continuity of care for our patients,” says Leida Nazario, the clinic’s executive director. “This system enabled that.”

The system was tested during a series of earthquakes in late December 2019 and January 2020, which once again cut off power throughout the island. With the help of the solar panels and battery, the clinic was able to keep the lights on and provide care without interruption.