Expanding Solar Access for Disadvantaged Communities

It was a good month for California consumers and for clean energy progress across the U.S., as other states watched a landmark vote by the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) that modifies but doesn’t undermine the state’s net energy metering program (NEM), and the value proposition of customer-generated distributed renewable energy.

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Getting a Fair Share of Solar

The National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) believes that in some areas of the country, as little as 25 percent of homes may be suitable for a PV system, due to physical limitations of rooftops, poor building orientation, and/or inadequate solar resources. Other hurdles that stand between residents and solar can include building ownership, easements and building restrictions, upfront costs of system ownership, and difficulties in obtaining financing. Considering these limitations, how can residential solar maintain head-turning levels of growth, and how can more residential consumers join in?

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Opening the Roof for Affordable Solar

The high upfront cost of solar has always been a barrier for many who would otherwise welcome the chance to green their energy supply. Many organizations, including IREC, are working to change this with solutions like CleanCARE to break through these economic barriers.

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