FERC Announces Rule Changes to Facilitate More Efficient Interconnections for Small Renewable Energy Systems

In a far-reaching decision on November 21, 2013, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) adopted significant modifications to the agency’s Small Generator Interconnection Procedures (SGIP), which should facilitate a more efficient interconnection process for small renewable generators. IREC worked in both California and Hawaii on the development of this improved process and believes it will help maintain the efficiency of the interconnection process across the country.

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Do You Provide Reactive Power? FERC Now Wants You To Have A Rate Schedule

FERC has announced that all entities providing reactive power service must have a rate schedule on file with the Commission. Recognizing the significance of this decision, FERC also announced that it will be holding a workshop to discuss the specifics of this policy change and how parties will be expected to implement the new requirements.

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Celebrating our Declaration of (Energy) Independence

This month, we witnessed the Nation’s 237th anniversary of the signing of the Declaration of Independence.  Last week, I celebrated by signing my own declaration of independence, a contract to install PV on our newly purchased home! This got me thinking

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New IREC Concept Paper Takes Fresh Look at (Decades) Old DG Policy

Recent federal decisions allow new options for state DG policy The Interstate Renewable Energy Council, Inc. (IREC) has released a concept paper that considers states’ ability to expand options for distributed generation (DG) technologies. Due to the rapidly growing appetite

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Solar has Farm Teams Too!

It’s Opening Day week across the land as the Boys of Summer take the field. While it will be wonderful to see the lights back on at Fenway, I enjoy watching Spring Training and the new guys joining the team.

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Improving Risk-Based Review to Enable Developers to “Fly” Through Interconnection Hurdles

Making safe, reliable interconnection of renewable energy easier is the goal. Increasing the number of interconnections, through improved application efficiency and cost-effectiveness, while maintaining safety and electrical system reliability, that’s the challenge. Just last week, Massachusetts adopted revised interconnection procedures

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The FERC SGIP: Time for a Tune Up

The average size of distributed photovoltaic systems is on the rise. In fact, the average size of all PV systems installed in 2011 grew by 64% over 2010. In addition to larger system sizes, penetration of solar on the grid is increasing in

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