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California says current solar owners can cash in off their excess power for 20 years

Source: Southern California Public Radio The California Public Utilities Commission finalized a decision on Thursday to guarantee that homeowners with solar systems will be allowed to continue in the current net metering program for 20 years from the date of installation. Net

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NREL Examines Solar Policy Pathways for States

Source: NREL Newsroom The Energy Department’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) has published a report that aligns solar policy and market success with stage demographics. By organizing the 48 contiguous states into four peer groups based on shared non-policy characteristics, the

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Louisiana PSC to study solar industry impact and taxes

The Louisiana Public Service Commission is seeking an expert to study the impact of the solar industry in the state and whether solar providers and customers should be paying more in fees. PSC Chairman Eric Skrmetta called for the study

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Kansas Municipality Approves Net Metering and Interconnection Rules

New renewable energy standards approved by the Garden City Commission in February could generate some interest among property owners looking to save money on electric bills. The renewable energy net metering standards brings the city into compliance with state statutes requiring municipalities to have procedures in place for those who want to interconnect with utility systems.

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New Hampshire forges ahead with shared solar options

Wouldn’t it be cool to stop at your local farm stand and pick up some free-range electricity along with the free-range eggs? If you’ll forgive the clumsy analogy, that’s the thinking behind the New Hampshire Solar Garden: use the “buy local” ethos to spur more photovoltaic energy in New Hampshire. “The idea is to have more of a community connection within this confusing policy about a regulated utility,” said Andrew Kellar concerning his new company, based in Stratham.

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Duke Energy Wants to Pay Less for Rooftop Solar in North Carolina

The largest U.S. electric company wants to pay North Carolina shops and homeowners less for solar power they generate by changing a pricing rule that was designed to spur production of the power, a Duke Energy vice president said Thursday.

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Hawai’i PUC Releases Renewable Procurement Policy Evaluation

Published in January, the Hawai’i Public Utilities Commission (PUC) report, Evaluation of Hawaii’s Renewable Energy Policy and Procurement, aims to provide a foundational analysis on the estimated economic costs and benefits of Hawaii’s various renewable energy procurement programs, which include the state’s net metering program, feed-in tariff, and competitive bidding framework for large-scale energy generation. This initial report is considered the first phase of a larger effort.

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Colorado PUC Keeps Net Metering In Place For Now

In late January, the Colorado Public Utilities Commission (PUC) approved a motion from the Colorado Energy Office that will keep net-energy metering (NEM) for the present, splitting the issue off as a separate question to be considered after concerned parties have opportunities to make their cases.

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Arizona Commission Opens Benefit/Cost docket for DG

The Arizona Corporation Commission (ACC) has opened a docket and issued a memo on January 27, requesting comments on the process and methodology for establishing the costs and benefits of distributed generation (DG), including net metering systems. A number of DG costs and benefits were identified in an Arizona Public Service Net Metering Cost Shift Solutions docket that concluded late last year.

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Arizona Commission hears input from hundreds of protesters in favor of net metering

After months of discussion and debate about the rates charged to solar-energy customers, the Arizona Corporation Commission began a two-day public hearing in Phoenix on November 13 with the intention of deciding what many consider to be the fate of solar in Arizona.

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