Innovate locally. Share Nationally. Training a Competitive Global Solar Workforce

Timing, as they say, is everything. In politics. In baseball. I’d also posit that talent and vision are close cousins. And in the case of the Solar Instructor Training Network, I’d add one more: favorable global economics. The speed and magnitude of change in the global solar market has been spectacular if not daunting. Who knew, four years ago, that the industry would see year-after-year of exponential growth, fueling the demand and need for a highly-trained solar workforce?

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Penn State Opens Smart Grid Experience Center at The Navy Yard in Philadelphia

The GridSTAR Smart Grid Experience Center, officially opened on October 30th at the Navy Yard in Philadelphia, features a variety of energy technologies that demonstrate methods for building homes, commercial buildings, and campuses that are friendlier to the electric grid.

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Next Stop: Chicago

This is not a promo piece for the Solar Power International Conference. But, it does tell you why we’re going to the conference and what we hope to accomplish during the week of October 21 in Chicago.

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For Solar Educators & Trainers: Photovoltaic Labs Best Practices

Photovoltaic Labs Best Practices, the latest in a unique Solar Energy Education and Training Best Practices series, is designed to assist faculty and administrators at colleges, universities and other technical training institutions who are interested in developing new photovoltaic (PV) laboratories or improving existing ones.

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