“The Green Buildings Career Map will raise awareness about the diversity of meaningful career options in energy efficiency, particularly among diverse and underserved communities. This is crucially important to sustaining the rapid growth of this important industry and ensuring the benefits of employment in this sector are accessible to more people.”

Larry Sherwood, IREC President & CEO

The Green Buildings Career Map is a highly interactive tool that explores an industry exploding with job opportunities across four major sectors of the green buildings and energy efficiency industry, charting possible progression between those occupations, and identifying the sorts of credentials necessary to do them well.

This map is designed for a broad audience including educators, career-advisors, jobseekers, employers, policymakers, and workforce professionals. It demonstrates the breadth of the green buildings and energy efficiency industry, some of its critical occupations, and the multitude of advancement routes (over 300!) between jobs and sectors.

The map also includes a section on “New-Collar” jobs within the industry—jobs that don’t require a traditional four-year degree, but rather rely on gaining skills through on-the-job training, high school technical education, on-the-job apprenticeships, vocational schools, technical certification programs, community colleges, the military, and internships. These 55 jobs have a mission to design, build, and operate high-quality, healthier, and more energy-efficient homes and commercial and industrial buildings.

The Map was supported by a grant from the U.S. Department of Energy Building Technologies Office, in partnership with the Building Performance Association (BPA), Community Action Partnership (CAP), Home Builders Institute (HBI), Building Performance Institute, and National Institute of Building Sciences.

Check it out at www.greenbuildingscareermap.org!


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