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Solar technology continues to evolve and meet market demand for competitively-priced, clean energy. With the influx of utility-scale projects and community solar programs, there is no denying that solar technology has gained market recognition. Qualified workers for manufacturing through installation, operations and maintenance jobs are needed to support this growth.

Use the links on this page to get a glimpse into the diverse and expanding pool of solar careers and the skills and training necessary to grow our clean energy workforce.

IREC Solar Career Map

IREC Solar Career Map

If you are investing funds in career training programs, learn more about the vast opportunities in solar. Visit the IREC Solar Career Map to explore more than 40 jobs across four industry sectors. These featured jobs represent only a fraction of the diverse opportunities in this growing industry. Beyond solar panel installation, employers need workers training in manufacturing techniques, engineering, design, project management, and quality control. The map shows multi-sector career pathways and opportunities for progress and promotion. It is inspiring learners nationwide. Ensure that your local training meets the demand for these varied jobs.

High-Quality Solar Workforce TrainingUS map IREC

The Solar Career Map highlights skills and credentials necessary to succeed in a number of solar careers. To achieve a professional and high-performing solar workforce, quality training matters. The IREC Credentialing Program accredits clean energy training providers and certifies instructors and master trainers. IREC’s leadership in this area lays a foundation for the clean energy economy through training standards and credentials that foster a high quality workforce. IREC’s emphasis on industry validated, credible credentials is a key factor in closing the skills gap between education and industry is mirrored and reinforced by national activities. IREC Accredited Training  Providers meet rigorous standards and bring value to the market through industry partnerships and job placement. Find an IREC Credential Holder in your area. Connect these training providers with local employers to help close the skills gap.

Credible Credentials Count

The best new technology is only as good as the workmanship around it. As solar companies bring panel manufacturing back to the states, they need qualified workers on the line and in the field. The short film clearly traces why credible credentials count, and how they reduce costly mistakes.


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