The following organizations or individuals have had their IREC Credential revoked. The IREC credential was revoked because they:

  • Failed to demonstrate that they continue to meet the requirements of the IREC Standards, the IREC Code of Ethics and/or the Certification/Accreditation Agreement; or
  • Made false or misleading claims related to their IREC status; or
  • Displayed the IREC marks inappropriately, and did not take corrective action upon a formal request to do so.

IREC publicizes the names of credential holders whose status is revoked for these reasons in order to prevent confusion and/or to correct misunderstandings about the designation of training organizations or individuals.

Revoked Credentials

CleanEdison, Inc. – IREC Accredited Continuing Education Provider – Revoked 2/28/2014

SunMaxx Solar / Silicon Solar – IREC Accredited Continuing Education Provider – Revoked 3/23/2014


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