You should stand out in our industry.

You offer consistently high-quality training. You don’t just follow best practices, you innovate and create them. A quality product, like crafting a training program or an application for accreditation or certification, requires time and effort. Meeting the standard isn’t easy, but it is worth it. Your efforts improve our clean energy workforce.

Be recognized.

An IREC Credential Holder at a Glance

  • You prepare students for a defined job.
  • Your instruction is current, and your curriculum is regularly reviewed and updated.
  • You understand what students take away from the class: Students are assessed against clear learning objectives.
  • The organization has established administrative practices that demonstrate a commitment to quality and to continuous improvement of the program and of program personnel.
  • You actively seek feedback from students, instructors and other interested and use it to improve training.
  • You make safety a priority: in the classroom and in the workplace.
  • Your training facilities fosters adult learning and are stocked with current and proper tools, equipment and hardware to provide students experiential learning.
  • You recognize the importance of qualified training-related personnel. You employ experienced and effective instructors and encourage them to pursue professional development opportunities.
  • You maintain active linkages with industry which foster a connection between your students and the marketplace.

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