Dr. Sarah White led an effort to develop a web-based Solar Career Map that describes the many job opportunities available in the solar industry. Readers are encouraged to visit the highly interactive map.

Fig 3 Interactive online solar career map

The map is divided into four industry sectors and three job levels. The four industry sectors are: 1) component production; 2) system design; 3) marketing, sales and permitting; and 4) installation and operations. The three job levels are entry, midlevel, and advanced. For each occupation on the career map, the web site provides information about the job—including desired skills, competencies, education, and career pathways.

The interactive career lattice lets users explore opportunities for entering into a specific solar occupation as well as identifying possible routes for lateral career changes and career advancement. Rather than being restricted to just one sector, routes for career advancement often cross into one or more sectors. With the proper experience, education, and training, for example, a solar site assessor (in the marketing, sales, and permitting sector) may advance to a residential PV installer (in the installation and operations sector) or to a residential PV system designer (in the system design sector).

Figure 4 lists all 36 occupations on the Solar Career Map by sector and job level.  Each one of the 36 occupations is discussed in the following sections with respect to desired and preferred level of education and training (from the interactive solar career map) and options for solar content integration.

Fig 4 occupations on the solar career  map by sector and job level


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