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Pleasant Hill, California
Certificate of Achievement in Energy Systems
Certificate of Achievement in Energy Systems
Solar Thermal


Diablo Valley College offers an Associate in Science (A.S.) Degree in energy systems. As part of this program, the College also offers two certificates of achievement in energy systems: one in photovoltaics and the other in solar thermal. Both programs prepare students for jobs in installing, designing, servicing, and maintaining residential, commercial, and industrial-size solar systems. To receive the A.S. Degree in Energy Systems, students must also complete general education courses, which are not shown below.

(Note: The duration of an academic term for Diablo Valley College is 18 weeks. Because this program involves considerable hands-on laboratory work, the number of instructional hours shown below is considerably greater than the number of units multiplied by 18.)

required courses_pv_solarthermal

Distinguishing Attributes
Special features of this program include:

  • 36 hours of training in occupational safety and health
  • A strong foundation in all relevant aspects of construction processes
  • A solid foundation in DC and AC electrical theory
  • Comprehensive instruction in all relevant sections of the National Electrical Code
  • 522 hours of highly focused instruction relevant to photovoltaic training and 576 hours of instruction relevant to solar thermal training
  • Skills that are highly transferable to a variety of electrical construction and/or plumbing occupations

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