Institutions interested in training solar heating and cooling designers and installers should also have a suite of training materials that can be used by instructors in designing, developing, and implementing courses. A training suite recommended for this area includes the following documents:

Safety is the single most important issue associated with the installation and operation of solar heating and cooling systems. System installers need to become very familiar with Chapter 29, Part 1926 of the OSHA regulations for construction. It is recommended that instructors introduce a fairly comprehensive overview of this reference and associated safety issues early in their solar heating and cooling training courses and reinforce specific safety issues throughout the courses.

  • Minimum Design Loads for Buildings and Other Structures, ASCE/SEI Standard 7-10—American Society of Civil Engineers, Reston, Virginia, available at ASCE (Note: Both the book and CD are available at—Personify/Standards-(PSD)/Minimum-Design-Loads-for-Buildings-and-Other-Structures-(7-10)-(Book—CD-Set)/

Solar heating and cooling system designers have a much greater need for this reference than installers. However, system installers should at least be introduced to it, informed that it is the basis for the structural requirements in most building codes, and presented information on how most installation contractors satisfy those requirements.

  • Active Solar Preheat Systems: Unified Facilities Criteria (UFC 3-440-01.pdf), 2007—U.S. Department of Defense, Whole Building Design Guide.

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