This section begins with consideration of all of the photovoltaic-specific components that are part of a complete PV system (see table below). Major electrical components include PV modules, inverters, batteries, charge controllers, and generators. Electrical and mechanical BOS components and hardware are also included.

Importance ratings have arbitrarily been assigned for each component based on observations of highly functional PV training facilities that have been in operation for many years. Rather than place too much emphasis on these ratings, faculty and lab developers are encouraged to set equipment priorities based on the educational objectives and desired outcomes for their particular courses and programs.

Note: It is strongly emphasized that listed examples of possible manufacturers and/or suppliers do not in any way constitute a recommendation or endorsement. Rather, readers are strongly encouraged to use Internet search engines to identify manufacturers and suppliers of the equipment listed. For most products, numerous options will be found.


PV Modules Crystalline silicon modules – both mono and polycrystalline Essential
Thin-film modules Desirable
Inverters  Residential string inverters – including integrated and transformerless inverters Essential
Micro inverters Essential
Residential battery-based inverters Desirable
Small commercial grid-tied Inverters Advanced
Medium commercial grid-tied inverters Advanced
Batteries and Power Processing Hardware Flooded lead-acid batteries Desirable
Valve-regulated lead-acid batteries Desirable
Charge controllers Desirable
Battery chargers Desirable
Generators Advanced
Electrical Balance-of-System Hardware Electrical service equipment Essential
PV array combiner boxes Essential
Fuses and breakers Essential
Miscellaneous electrical BOS hardware As required
Conductors and Wiring Hardware Module interconnect cables and connectors Essential
Grounding hardware Essential
Terminals and connectors As required
PV wire and cable Essential
Conduit and benders Advanced
Mechanical and Structural Hardware Array mounting hardware Essential
Flashings and supports Essential
Miscellaneous mounting hardware Essential





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