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2.1.5.a. Module Interconnect Cables and Connectors         


  • Multi-Contact, MC4-type PV module connector system
  • Assortment of solar cable (USE-2 and PV wire), M/F cable connectors, branch plugs and sockets, and cable assemblies tool case MC4, part #32.6019
  • Tyco Electronics – SOLARLOK PV connector system
  • Example products for cable couplers, crimping, and assembly tools; combiner and junction box assemblies; solar (PV) cable; and SOLKLIP grounding connectors and SOLKLAMP SS grounding bolts

Suggested Quantity: One set of demonstration equipment per class.

Importance Rating:  Desirable.

Comments:  You can contact the manufacturer for training kit sample pricing and  view product certification videos online. Tyco is not as popular as Multi-Contact but is less expensive.

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2.1.5.b. Grounding Hardware


  • Samples of electrical equipment bonding washers and lay-in grounding lugs
  • SS cable “S” clips for wire management (10)
  • Bonding jumpers for module support rails (as required)
  • Other grounding hardware (such as lay-in lugs, star washers, and 10/32 stainless bolts tapped for threading)

Suggested Quantity:  One set of samples per class.

Importance Rating: Essential

Comments:  Get samples from local system integrator.

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2.1.5.c. Terminals and Connectors

Specifications: Determine as needed.

Suggested Quantity:  Based on other equipment and configurations.

Importance Rating: Desirable (as needed)

Comments: These are used for demonstration purposes. Insulated splice blocks are often necessary to complete installations (such as Polaris connectors).

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2.1.5.d.  PV Wire and Cable   

Specifications:  Wire racking and storage system for supply of various standard conductors – #6, #8, #10, # 12 AWG THWN/XHHW general purpose building wire, 500 feet rolls, both white and black colors for #10 and #12 AWG; #6 AWG bare stranded copper wire for grounding (500 feet); #12 AWG listed PV wire or USE-2 (500 feet)

Suggested Quantity:  One set per class.

Importance Rating:  Essential

Comments:  With PV Wire being specified for transformer-less inverters in the 2011 NEC, it is essential to include during lab activities. Additional wiring is required for system assembly.

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2.1.5.e. Conduit and Benders         


  • Supply of ½”, ¾”, 1”, 1½”, and 2” PVC and EMT conduit, couplers, adapters and fittings
  • Supply of ½“ and ¾” flexible, liquid-tight non-metallic conduit and fittings

Suggested Quantity:  As needed.

Importance Rating:   Advanced.

Comments: This is an optional purchase used for advanced installation training.

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