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2.2.2.a. General Purpose                    


  • Multi-function digital meter, Fluke 87V/E2 Industrial Electrician Combo Kit
  • Basic multi-meter and clamp-on AC ammeter, Fluke 117/322 Electrician’s Combo Kit,
  • DC clamp-on ammeter, Fluke Module 337
  • Infrared thermometer: Fluke Model 62

Suggested Quantity:  One set minimum for class; one set for every 4 to 5 students is preferred

Importance Rating:  Essential

Comments:  All Fluke meter sets include test leads and cases. You can contact the  manufacturer about training partner relationships and educational discounts.

2.2.2.b. Specialty Measurements             


  • Insulation resistance tester, Fluke Model 1587
  • Earth ground tester, Fluke Model 1621 (Kit)
  • Logging multi-meter, Fluke Model 289
  • Power quality analyzer: Fluke 43 Series Model 43B
  • Fluke 1630 Earth Ground Clamp Meter

Suggested Quantity:  One.

Importance Rating:  Desirable, but not essential

Comments:  These devices are used for advanced systems testing and diagnostics.

2.2.2.c. Diagnostic Instruments    


  • Three-phase power quality analyzer: Fluke 430 Series, Model 435
  • Thermal imager: Fluke Model FLK-Ti25

Suggested Quantity:  One set.

Importance Rating: Advanced

Comments:  This is an optional purchase for advanced diagnostics.


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