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2.2.7.a.  Battery-Operated Tools            


  • 18v Cordless hammer drill, reciprocating saw, and flashlight, batteries and charger
  • Milwaukee Tools V28™ 4-Piece Combo Kit #0928-29, 3/8″ impact drivers
  •  Standard 7 ¼” circular saw
  • Portable band saw with metal cutting blade
  • 14 Pc Metal  Cutting Sawzall Blade Set 49-22-1131
  • 2-high speed titanium drill bit sets

Examples of Manufacturers/Suppliers:

Suggested Quantity:  Minimum one set per class; one set for every 4 to 5 participants is preferred.

Importance Rating: Essential

Comments:  Battery powered tools are used predominately in the field. For roof-mount PV, extension cords can be a hazard and should be avoided


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