Rather than presenting information on components of photovoltaic systems, this subsection provides information on the tools and equipment necessary to work with them in a PV laboratory (see table below). Included are site evaluation and survey equipment, electrical test equipment, meteorological and solar test instruments, personal protective equipment (PPE), electrician’s hand tools, and other equipment and hand tools. As with the PV system components, importance ratings have been assigned for the items listed based on information collected from other PV training facilities.

Note: Use of all equipment listed in this document should be consistent with Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and NEC requirements, as well as with the installation and operation instructions provided by the product suppliers. In addition, system manuals should be requested for all packaged PV systems that are purchased as part of the laboratory development process. These manuals should include instructions, safety information, parts lists, electrical and mechanical drawings, manuals and specification sheets for all major components (modules, inverters, and racking systems), maintenance requirements, troubleshooting procedures, and warranty information.


Site Evaluation and Survey Equipment Solar shading calculator Essential
Miscellaneous site assessment equipment Essential
Electrical Test Equipment General purpose Essential
Specialty measurements Desirable
Diagnostic instruments Desirable
Meteorological and Solar Test Instruments Solar power Essential
Meteorological station Desirable
Current voltage (I-V) tester Desirable




Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Head protection Essential
Eye protection Essential
Hearing protection Essential
Hand protection Essential
Electrical insulating gloves Essential
Foot protection Advanced
Personal fall arrest systems (PFAS) Essential
Arc flash protection Advanced
Lock out/tag out (LOTO) Essential
Emergency and first aid Essential
Fire protection Essential
Battery safety Desirable
Safety signs, labeler Essential
Electrician’s Hand Tools Electrician’s tool kit Essential
Specialty tools Desirable
Other EquipmentOther Equipment Ladders Essential
Roofing tools Essential
Battery test equipment Desirable
Power Tools Battery-operated tools Essential


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