One of the biggest challenges in developing a laboratory is obtaining sufficient funding to purchase all of the desired components, tools, and equipment for meaningful demonstrations, laboratory experiments, data collection, and hands-on learning experiences. As an alternative to a more complete facility, the table below is an example of an excellent starter laboratory that includes a complete 2040 Watt PV system and the instrumentation necessary to conduct a variety of meaningful exercises and collect useful data on component and system performance. The total cost is less than $10,000.



            Item Vendor Cost
PV Powered    PVP2000SD-240  SunWize


AC kWh meter Hialeah Meter


AC meter can Home Depot


AC disconnect 30 amp Home Depot


AC breakers (x2) 15 amp, SP Home Depot


DC disconnect HU361 30 amp  Affordable Solar


DC combiner box Outback Power Systems


DC fuses (x2) KLKD-15 Outback Power Systems


DC 30 amp fuse holder(x2), DIN Outback Power Systems


Mock roof 4’x8’ Carpenter Built


Mounting system for PV Affordable Solar


Helios PV Modules 255W (8) Solar Panel Store

$2,675 ($1.31/watt)

Equipment Subtotal






Solmetric-pva-600-analyzer Various


AEMC DC current clamp Newark Electronics


Fluke (x2) 115 VOM Meter Newark Electronics


Daystar solar meter Daystar Inc.


Fluke IR temp gun Newark Electronics


            Instrumentation Subtotal


            GRAND TOTAL: Equipment + Instrumentation




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