With consumers going solar in nearly every state, the likelihood that fire fighters will encounter solar electric systems on residential and commercial properties is increasing dramatically every year.

An exceptional new training opportunity, developed by IREC in conjunction with the International Association of Fire Fighters, with funding from the U.S. Department of Energy’s SunShot Initiative, is now available.

This free, self-paced, interactive, online training course is designed to give fire fighters the knowledge necessary to feel confident and safe when responding to fires on PV-equipped structures—and to better understand the potential hazards.

In this course, fire fighters will learn how to:

  • IDENTIFY the presence of a PV System
  • SHUT DOWN what can be shut down
  • WATCH OUT for remaining electrical and other hazards
  • LEAVE SAFE leave the scene as safely as possible

Course Features Include:

  • 14 Video Tutorials
  • Grid-Tied Systems Overview
  • Battery Based Energy Storage Systems
  • Electrical Theory
  • Components: Modules, Inverters, Conduits and Disconnects
  • 360 Degree Walk Around
  • Labeling and Shutdown
  • Access and Pathways
  • Real World Case Studies
  • Emergency Response Scenarios
  • UL Research Study: PV and Electrical Shock Hazards
  • 5 Interactive 3-D Simulations let you practice knowledge and skills gained from the videos
  • Resource Section includes reference materials with more in-depth content

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