With the tremendous growth of solar installations and the continuing evolution of licensing requirements for photovoltaic and solar installers, IREC’s National Solar Licensing Map provides the latest requirements, policies and programs that affect the industry. This comprehensive tool is designed for policy makers, stakeholders, practitioners, students, consumers and anyone looking for solar licensing information in the United States.

States establish licensing requirements for contractors to protect consumers from unsafe practices and to ensure systems are installed properly. As these requirements continue to develop and evolve, researching state-specific information can sometimes be complicated and time-consuming. The map provides valuable data  providing the public with the latest industry standards and regulations available.

Whether you live in Alaska or Maine, this useful resource details what you need to know about new legislation, certification requirements, permitting and incentive programs. The resource also includes useful links to related documents and relevant organizations to help facilitate licensing requirements.

IREC will continue to update the map to keep pace with industry standards as they become available.


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