On March 11, 2020 in Washington, D.C., clean energy leaders tackled steps to a 100% clean energy future. At this one-day visionary exploration to make bold clean energy goals a reality, this impressive group of energy influencers turned ideas into action to develop and integrate policies, practices and workforce training essential for all Americans to benefit from clean energy.

The 2020 Vision Summit was a one-day exploration of what will be needed to achieve clean energy goals—including the goal of 100 percent clean energy nationally by 2050. Summit participants representing a broad array of industry groups, government organizations, utilities, regulators, policymakers, and nonprofits conferred to explore the challenges and opportunities around integrating higher penetrations of renewable energy, energy efficiency, energy storage, electric vehicles, and other smart technologies on the grid, and building the workforce needed to support ambitious clean energy targets inclusively and equitably.

2020 Vision Summit Videos

Explore insights on what it will take to transition to 100% clean energy through video recordings of the panel discussions at the second annual IREC Vision Summit, held on March 11, 2020. Click on the title of the panel session you are interested in watching to view the recording.

Opening remarks from IREC President and CEO Larry Sherwood

Keynote Panel: Pathways and Strategies for Achieving 100% Clean Energy

As more states and municipalities adopt ambitious clean energy goals and work on implementation efforts, lessons and insights are beginning to emerge. This Keynote panel featured leaders from state and local governments to explore key themes around the path to 100% clean energy.

● Larry Shirley, President, Shirley Associates & IREC Board Chair (Moderator)
● Mark Ahlstrom, President, Energy Systems Integration Group
● Lorraine H. Akiba, President & CEO, LHA Ventures
● Bryn Baker, Director of Policy Innovation, Renewable Energy Buyers Alliance
● Hon. Eduardo Bhatia, Senator, Senate of Puerto Rico

Regulatory Reforms to Transform the Grid

This session explored the regulatory reforms needed to connect more clean energy to the grid and support the decarbonization of the transportation and building sectors. Expert panelists will examine the confluence of technical, legal and procedural issues impacting deployment of clean energy, highlighting innovative approaches and emerging best practices.

● Sara Baldwin, Vice President – Regulatory, IREC (Moderator)
● Rachel Gold, Director, Utilities Program, American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy
● Ric O’Connell, Executive Director, GridLab
● Nicole Sitaraman, Senior Manager, Public Policy, Sunrun
● Steve Steffel, Manager, Distributed Energy Resources Planning and Analytics, PHI and Exelon Company
● Commissioner Sally Talberg, Chairman, Michigan Public Service Commission

Training-to-Jobs Pipelines for Diversity and Inclusion

This session featured clean energy workforce success stories from across the country, including training-to-jobs pipelines, supporting diversity in the industry and emerging opportunities for clean energy jobs in new communities.
● Laure-Jeanne Davignon, Vice President-Workforce Development, IREC (Moderator)
● Chandra Farley, Just Energy Director, Partnership for Southern Equity
● Staci Hoell, Workforce Development Manager, Solar on Multifamily Affordable Housing
● Mary Shoemaker, Senior Research Analyst, American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy
● Erika Symmonds, Vice President of Workforce Development and Service Learning, GRID Alternatives

Consumer and Community Benefits of Clean Energy

As more places and businesses embrace the transition to 100% clean energy, the consumer and community perspectives will be key to informing workable strategies. This session explored how this transition impacts people and how diverse communities can realize new economic and workforce opportunities.

● Larry Sherwood, President & CEO, IREC (Moderator)
● Pari Kasotia, Mid-Atlantic Director, Vote Solar
● Steven Leitner, Chief Operating Officer, CAP Solar
● Janine Migden-Ostrander, Principal, Regulatory Assistance Project
● Ruth Ann Norton, President & CEO, Green & Healthy Homes Initiative
● Emma Searson, 100% Renewable Campaign Director, Environment America

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