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IREC's annual Solar Jobs Census is the authoritative account on solar jobs and the state of the workforce.

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This year, IREC will publish the annual National Solar Jobs Census with the latest information on jobs, workforce development, and solar market trends. This report is the authoritative analysis on the state of U.S. solar employment and the workforce.

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The U.S. solar industry employs more than 230,000 workers as of 2020, according to the 11th annual National Solar Jobs Census.

First published by The Solar Foundation 2010, the National Solar Jobs Census is the definitive measure of solar energy industry employment in the United States. This report charts the growth of the solar workforce alongside the rise of solar energy as a major contributor to the U.S. energy supply and the economy.

This report tracks solar jobs data nationwide and in all 50 states. It features in-depth analysis on jobs by market segment, demographics, and workforce development trends.

The most recent report, National Solar Jobs Census 2020, was published in spring 2021. This edition was a collaborative effort between Solar Energy Industries Association, The Solar Foundation, and IREC. Primary data collection and analysis is performed by BW Research Partnership, the premier independent energy employment research firm. 

Following its merger with The Solar Foundation, IREC will publish the next edition of the Solar Jobs Census in early 2022. Previous editions of the report can be found below.

NEW: IREC has published an in-depth fact sheet on solar jobs in California. Download the fact sheet here.

Key Findings

Over 230,000 Solar Workers

The number of solar workers declined 7% from 2019 to 2020, mainly due to the pandemic.

Record Installations

Despite job losses, the solar industry installed record levels of solar capacity in 2020, due to a rise in labor productivity.

Competitive Wages

Wages for solar workers are similar to or higher than similar occupations in other industries.

Growth to Accelerate

Solar jobs will need to exceed 900,000 by 2035 to reach the 100% clean electricity goal set by President Biden.

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Solar Workers in 2020


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States With Solar Job Growth Since 2015

Solar Jobs By State

The National Solar Jobs Census has tracked job growth in all 50 states since 2015.

California Fact Sheet: Solar Jobs Census 2020

Despite recent job losses, California remains by far the top solar employer in the United States with 68,677 solar jobs. This fact sheet presents an in-depth look at the solar workforce in California.

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