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IREC specializes development of online learning, having developed dynamic and interactive experiences for a wide range of clean energy audiences: 

IREC Guidance for Developing Online Training

It’s no secret that we will need many more workers with clean energy skills to reach bold clean energy goals. To address the need for dramatic scaling, IREC compiled guidance to help training organizations approach online training development and get a sense of where to start—whether online training is a short-term measure until you can resume in-person training due to the COVID emergency, or you are thinking about adding online options as a long-term addition to your training approaches

Click through below to get the insights you need to make effective and informed decisions about online training.

  1. Providing Short-Term Online Learning During COVID-19
  2. Adding Online Courses to Your Training Program
  3. Blended (Hybrid) Learning Solutions (combining online and classroom learning)
  4. Four Principles of Adult Learning and Why They Impact Training Design
  5. Selecting a Learning Management System

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