Clean energy is a job creator. IREC research informs policymakers, industries, and the general public about the jobs and economic impact of clean energy solutions.

Our programs and resources include:

Solar Jobs Census

The annual National Solar Jobs Census is the definitive report on American solar jobs and the state of the solar workforce. It provides in-depth data and analysis on the solar workforce at the national, state, and local levels. IREC published the 13th annual Solar Jobs Census in July 2023.

This report tracks solar jobs data nationwide and in all 50 states. It features in-depth analysis on jobs by market segment, demographics, and workforce development trends.

Clean Energy Career Maps

IREC’s Career Maps are unique, interactive tools that educators, career advisors, job seekers, employers, policymakers, and workforce professionals can use to explore a universe of careers offered across the growing clean energy industry. Explore the Solar Career Map, Careers in Climate Control Technology Map, and Green Buildings Career Map

Puerto Rico Solar Finance Report

The IREC-led Puerto Rican Solar Business Accelerator released a white paper that provides actionable numbers on the economic and social benefits that Puerto Rico can expect as it moves toward a 100% renewable energy future. We estimate that meeting this goal will lead to nearly 20,000 solar jobs in Puerto Rico by 2030, compared to roughly 2,000 jobs today.

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