IREC Credentialing and Quality Assurance

As the leading accrediting body for clean energy training in the United States, IREC has accredited over 200 clean energy training programs and has certified more than 100 clean energy instructors. The IREC standards and rigorous application process require successful applicants to demonstrate a robust approach to quality and provide evidence of how that translates into all major areas of training program operations. 

From the recruitment and professional development of highly-qualified training program personnel, learner support and resources, and innovative curriculum and learning assessments, to training center safety and the promotion of safe work practices, IREC-accredited training providers and certified instructors and master trainers have demonstrated that they meet or exceed the high bar set by the IREC Standard.

In our role as an American National Standards Developer, IREC develops and contributes to the content of national standards for training and certification in the building performance, energy efficiency, and renewable energy sectors. We have authored and re-designed national certification exams and pioneered the definition, use and creation of high-value micro-credentials for clean energy and allied industries.

Kankakee Community College is an an IREC-accredited training provider.

“IREC’s credentialing initiatives provide a vital layer of quality assurance in rapidly-evolving clean energy sectors to ensure that workers are trained to the highest standards and that their skills and competencies are adequately validated.”

Anna Sullivan, previous IREC Director of Credentialing
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