Candidate Guidance Documents

The following are key documents that you will need to apply for and maintain the IREC credential.

Candidate Handbook & Guidance Docs

IREC Candidate Handbook

The Candidate Handbook is provided as a reference to the candidate as they prepare for and undergo the IREC assessment process and maintain their credential.

IREC Credentialing Code of Ethics

Ethics Representations and Agreement

IREC Basic Guidelines for Training Curriculum

The Basic Guidelines provide an overview of what a curriculum is and what elements constitute a good curriculum. It is written to be a resource for candidates who are submitting curriculum as part of an application to meet requirements defined in the IREC Standard.

Job Task Analysis Guidance Document Provides guidance for conformity with IREC’s accreditation standards; in particular, to assist applicant organizations in developing and/or selecting a job task analysis (JTA) from which to form the basis of their curriculum or syllabus.

All About Assessments: Guidance for Applicants for the IREC Credential

This document is intended to give training providers guidance for their assessment of students, and help them meet relevant requirements of IREC Standard 01023:2013 for the accreditation of clean energy technology training.


In our role as an ANSI-accredited standards developer, IREC develops and maintains the standards upon which our credentialing programs are based.

IREC Standard 01023:2019

General Requirements for the Accreditation of Clean Energy Technology Training.

IREC Standard 01024:2013

General Requirements for the Certification of Clean Energy Technology Instructors and Master Trainers.

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