Job Task Analyses

The following are IREC-accepted Job Task Analyses (JTAs). A JTA is a formal, industry-accepted study, validated by a group of subject-matter experts that defines competencies in knowledge, skills, and attitudes as the basis for education/training curricula.

If you would like to apply for IREC accreditation or certification under a JTA not currently listed below, please refer to the Candidate Handbook for guidance on IREC’s JTA acceptance process.

Energy Efficiency Job Task Analyses

Energy Auditor, a residential energy efficiency professional who evaluates the energy efficiency, health, and safety of a home, and conducts field measurements to identify areas for savings. The Energy Auditor produces this information as a report and makes recommendations to the customer.

Crew Leader, a residential energy efficiency professional who is responsible for supervising the retrofitting activities specified in the scope of work.

Quality Control Inspector, a residential energy efficiency professional who ensures the completion, appropriateness, and quality of energy upgrade work by conducting a methodological audit/inspection of the building, performing safety and diagnostic tests, and observing the work.

Multifamily Quality Control Inspector, a building performance specialist who inspects installed energy conservation measures in multifamily buildings by observing and measuring building systems and components and analyzing building performance data to verify that project requirements are met.

Multifamily Building Operator, who efficiently operates and maintains building systems, addresses tenant concerns, improves building performance, and complies with regulations to support a comfortable, healthy, and safe living environment.

Multifamily Energy Auditor, a building science and energy efficiency specialist who assesses multifamily building systems. The auditor collects and analyzes energy use and building performance data to develop a plan for reducing operating costs, and enhancing building performance while increasing occupant quality of life.

Renewable Energy Job Task Analyses

NABCEP PV Installation Professional, for individuals who perform responsible decision making roles with respect to the design, installation and commissioning of photovoltaic (PV) systems.

NABCEP Solar Heating Installer, for individuals who install solar water and pool heating systems on buildings.

NABCEP PV Technical Sales, a solar electric professional with demonstrated expertise in the siting, design, analysis, and performance of PV systems. The professional gathers site-specific information and analyzes customer needs and energy usage to advise and provide customers with the most appropriate solution.

NABCEP PV Specialist: Design Specialist, Installer, and Commissioning and Maintenance, for PV Specialists who perform decision making roles with respect to the design, installation, and commissioning and maintenance of photovoltaic (PV) systems.

NABCEP PV Associate, for entry-level workers who have apply knowledge of the fundamental principles of the application, design, installation, and operation & maintenance of Photovoltaic (PV) systems.

LIUNA Solar Worker, for Construction Craft Laborers (CCL) who install some or all of the components of a solar thermal or photo-voltaic system as directed specific to the job. The installations may be for residential, commercial, or utility projects. The locations may be pitched roofs, flat roofs, ground array, or large solar farms.

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