Solairgen is an IREC-accredited training provider.

The IREC Credentialing Program accredits clean energy training programs and certifies instructors and master trainers. IREC’s leadership in this area provides quality assurance for the clean energy economy through training standards and credentials that foster a high-quality workforce. Our emphasis on industry-validated, credible credentials is a key factor in closing the skills gap between education and industry needs. Below are the current credentials we support.

IREC Training Provider Accreditation 

IREC Training Provider Accreditation is a 5-year credential geared toward organizations and institutions that offer job-related training in clean energy technologies. Based on the IREC Standard 01023, IREC Training Provider Accreditation is a nationally-recognized mark of quality training in the clean energy industry. Students, employers, funders, and other stakeholders look for the IREC mark to find high-quality, safe training that is aligned with industry needs.

Successful applicants leverage their IREC accreditation to stand out in an increasingly crowded training and education marketplace. They attract students and industry partners by communicating the quality of their program and their roles as leaders in the industry.

IREC Master Trainer and Instructor Certification

Featuring two tiers of designation, IREC’s instructor certification is a 5-year credential based on the IREC Standard 01024:2013. It bolsters professional development and recognition for the nation’s leading clean energy instructors. Demonstrate how you infuse quality in your approach to teaching, how you model safety on the job, how you engage your learners using a variety of instructional techniques, and how your clean energy skills and knowledge are kept at the cutting-edge of our industry so that your students are job-ready from day 1.

How to Apply

If you are interested in applying for an IREC credential, first read the following documents:

  • The IREC Standard under which you wish to be credentialed
  • The Candidate Handbook to learn about the application process and fees 
  • The FAQ page

Next, email the Credentialing Program team to get started. A team member will send you an eligibility form to make sure that the training you provide is aligned with one of our accepted JTAs. Upon eligibility verification, you will be provided with the full digital application packet and an account for IREC’s online application portal, IREC Direct. 

The IREC Credentialing Program provides applicant support throughout the application and assessment processes. Once awarded an IREC credential, holders must keep the credential in good standing by completing annual maintenance requirements. This includes submission of an annual report and fee by the anniversary of the date on which the credential was originally awarded.

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