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We work with training providers, employers and workforce development partners to strengthen solar industry career pathways for veterans.

Join the Solar Ready Vets Network

Join the Solar Ready Vets Network to stay current on resources and opportunities related to veteran solar training and employment. 

The Solar Ready Vets Network offers resources for community colleges, other training institutions, and career services organizations to support veteran students and job seekers. 

GI Bill-Eligible Solar Training Programs

Solar industry training programs range from 40-hour certificates,to four+-year degrees and Apprenticeships. Finding the right training program depends on your interests and goals. For example, for entry-level solar installers, a course covering fundamentals of solar technology, safety, and some hands-on experience is recommended, with certifications and additional training available. 

Training Provider Directory

Our National Solar Training Provider Directory lists community college solar training programs—many of which are eligible for GI Bill benefits—as well as SkillBridge opportunities and Registered Apprenticeships. Please reach out to our team to have your program listed. 

NABCEP Certification 

The North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP) is a widely recognized certification organization for renewable energy professionals. A NABCEP credential helps employers to identify top talent — it indicates commitment to the profession, and demonstrates understanding of solar fundamentals. Spanning installation, design, technical sales and a range of other solar career pathways, NABCEP certifications help solar employees boost their earning potential and become well qualified for jobs that match their career goals.

GI Bill for Certifications

In 2020, the Solar Ready Vets team secured approvals from the Department of Veterans Affairs for costs associated with all NABCEP PV Credentials to be reimbursable through the GI Bill

Veterans Pathways to Certification 

Recognizing the valuable skills and experience gained through military service, the Solar Ready Vets Network worked with NABCEP to develop streamlined Veterans Pathways.   

The most common NABCEP credential, the PV Associate (PVA), prepares individuals for a variety of career options in the solar and solar-plus-storage industries, and is often a first step toward more advanced and specialized board certifications. 

Non-veteran candidates qualify to sit for the PVA exam through the standard Education or Experience Pathways. Veterans may submit their Military Occupation Specialty (MOS) code and justify at least six months of military experience relevant to the PVA Job Task Analysis.  

Veterans Pathways are available for: 

  • PV Associate 
  • PV Installation Professional 
  • PV Installer Specialist
  • PV Commissioning & Maintenance Specialist
  • PV Technical Sales 

As of 2022, over 100 veterans had earned a NABCEP certification through the veterans pathways. Learn more about these pathways and how veterans can apply for certification.